Hanhua Yan
patent agent

Hanhua Yan

Business expertise

He has more than 4 years of relevant experience in writing, and is especially good at the whole process service from patent application to patent reply, patent invalidity and patent infringement analysis. He is good at the technical fields of electricity, communications, computer software, and has comprehensive writing experience, involving the writing of various types of cases such as electronics, communications, software, machinery, and business methods, and is fast and efficient in handling cases. In our company, the pass rate of authorization is as high as 94%, the control rate of case time limit management is 100%, and the speed and quality of case writing are at the forefront of the company.

Areas of expertise

Patent application, patent writing, reply to examination opinions, reexamination and invalidation, patent retrieval, patent validity analysis, patent infringement analysis, and patent strategic layout.


2013-2016 Shenzhen Lianneng Technology Co., Ltd., Chief of Design Section

2016-2018 Shenzhen Zhicaijia Intellectual Property Consulting Co., Ltd., Patent Agent

2018 present Hunan Zhizhou Intellectual Property Service Co., Ltd., leader of Electronics.


General Manager

发布时间: 2014 - 10 - 28
Partner General Manager              Business Specialties: Patent Application, Patent Search, Intellectual Property Strategy, Intellectual Property rights Litigation, and Enterprise’s Intellectual Property Management.           Mr.Tang has been worked for 14 years in intellectual property field. He has comprehensive understanding of IP related laws and regulations as well as analysis of strong solid and extensive ability, especially for pharmaceutical companies and good mechanical and electrical enterprises patent, trademark, intellectual property strategy planning. Since 2003, Mr. Tang has successfully handled a large number of patent applications and IP disputes involvi...

Deputy General Manager

Michelle Hu
发布时间: 2017 - 08 - 24
Position: Deputy General Manager    As a senior patent engineer and trademark attorney for over 14 years, Michelle Hu highly experienced in patent prosecution, invalidation, including mechanical engineering and trademark prosecution, domain name, dispute resolution, and trademark related dispute consultancy. Since 2003, she has successfully handled a large number of patent applications and IP disputes involving patent infringements domestic clients, including Fortune 500 entities: Zoomlion, QianShan Group, SanyGroup .   Michelle Hu has also been an active speaker/moderator in a number of domestic seminars and held several big seminars in Hunan, sharing my knowledge and experience of patent practice in China with audiences .   Michelle Hu credited by ...


Hong Liu
发布时间: 2017 - 08 - 04
PartnerPatent Attorney   Business Specialties: Patent Procedure, Patent Drafting and Prosecution, Examination, Response, Patent Invalidation, Patent Research and Analysis       Mr. Liu is credited by his in-depth and comprehensive understanding of IP related laws and regulations. He is well known for his ability to analyze complicated facts and propose feasible solutions based on his abundant professional knowledge and practical experience.      2003-2013 ChangSha JuXing Building Materials Co., Ltd   Construction Engineer        In 2013--Now  HuNan ZhiZhou Intellectual Property Services Co., Ltd  Patent Attorney.

Partner Attorney

Bin Xiao
发布时间: 2014 - 10 - 28
PartnerAttorneyBin Xiao has worked as a lawyer for many years, with the legal theory of profound knowledge and rich experience in handling cases。He handled a large number of economic contract disputes, traffic accidents, labor disputes, intellectual property rights and other civil and commercial cases. He served many listed companies as justice minister for many years, and has in-depth study and practice for construction of the enterprise legal risk control system.          2001-2005 As Engineer in Jiangsu Chunlan electronic technology Co.,Ltd;           2008-2009 Served as The Legal Officer of ZOOMLION Limited Co.,Ltd.;      2009-2013 Served as Minister of...
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